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Why You Should Get Your Child Involved in Swimming

There are countless benefits to getting your child involved with a healthy, active sport at a young age. But no physical activity is as valuable as swimming. In fact, swimming is the most popular recreational activity for kids between the ages of seven and 17. If you’re one of the many parents considering this decision for your child, here are some of the top reasons to dive into this sport head first.

Swimming is a lifelong activity


While most people have to retire from sports like football and rugby because of the strain it puts on their body, swimming is a lifelong activity. In fact, it’s recommended that older people partake in swimming often. After all, it eases stress on the joints while still encouraging physical activity. Whether you’re swimming under the guidance of an experienced coach or just swimming for fun, this recreational activity is fun for the whole family.

Swimming is social


One of the greatest parts about swimming is that anyone can do it. This means there will always be plenty of people to interact with, regardless of age or skill level.

When you join a team, you’re able to interact with others in entirely new ways. Working together will help form team bonds and a sense of camaraderie that’s hard to find anywhere else. Donning custom swim team shirts will inspire a sense of pride, hard work, and community whenever your child picks it up. It also encourages empathy and improves social skills as your child works with their peers and coach. They may even want to buy swim coach shirts as a gift for their idol at the end of the season.

Swimming builds strength


Even though most people view swimming as a recreational activity, it actually provides a pretty intense workout. Swimming reduces the pressure of impact on your joints, but the water provides a large amount of resistance. You simply can’t achieve this intensity on land. Getting your child involved in a healthy sport is a great way to build healthy, active habits that can sustain them for life.

Swimming is fun


Above all else, swimming is fun! When your child gets involved in this healthy activity, they won’t be able to resist posting their swim team plaques, Austin swim team shirts, and custom wall stickers and posters around their bedroom.

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