What is a Swim Tee and Why Should You Wear One?

With Americans spending more on vacations than ever before, you may find yourself in the droves of people headed to a beach sometime soon. If you’re a newbie to beach life, you’re likely familiar with basic necessities like sunscreen, towels, and proper attire. One thing you might not be aware of is the swim tee.

The swim tee, otherwise known as a rash guard, is a common accouterment among surfers, but it’s recently found itself experiencing rising popularity with more casual beachgoers. For the uninitiated, it’s just a fitted spandex top.

But even though their design is simple, their purpose is not. If you’re asking yourself what the practical applications of such an item might be, you’re in luck. Here are just a few ways a swim tee can make your beach-going experience that much more enjoyable.

Protect Your Skin
It’s no secret that UV rays are bad news for the skin. Not only do they affect your skin’s appearance, but they’re also a leading cause of skin cancer. To that end, swim tee shirts go a long way towards protecting your skin from that pesky sun.

Apart from the sun, regular exposure to seawater and sand can also be quite rough on the skin. Rash guards help keep the elements from drying out and wearing out your skin, making it all the more easy to maintain that youthful glow.

Climate Control
Weather on the beach is notoriously fickle. It can go from sunny and warm to breezy and cool in a matter of moments. Swim tees are a great way to account for those unexpected temperature shifts. Not only will they help keep you warm if the wind picks up, but they’re also so light that you won’t feel encumbered and hot in the sun.

If you’re wondering why a swim tee is preferable to a normal cotton t-shirt, there’s a simple answer. Traditional tees get clingy and uncomfortable when wet. The spandex swim shirt has no such problems with its water-resistant nature.

Whether you’re surfing or just wading, the last thing you want is to feel weighed down by your own swim gear. Swim tees are the far superior choice in this realm.

They Look Good
Let’s be honest, fashion often weighs more heavily than function when the matter of what to wear comes up. Swim tees offer functionality as well as fashionability.

Coming in a nearly endless assortment of styles, colors, and sizes, these cool swim shirt designs can be a great addition to your beachwear. Whether you’re matching it to your trunks or just trying a zany color scheme out, they’re a great, low-effort way to stand out from the crowd.

To Swim Tee or Not To Swim Tee?
If you had any doubts about the usefulness of a swim T-shirt, hopefully, this cleared those right up. As you can see, these shirts are useful but attractive additions to any beach bum’s wardrobe.

If you find yourself on any beaches in the near future, give the swim tee a go. You’ll be surprised how an already great pastime can be improved with the addition of one simple garment.

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