Want To Make A Splash With Your Employees? Get Swim Shirts For Your Next Event!

How fun is the beach? How fun is the pool? Now. . . how fun is your normal employee party? Maybe you go all out and rent a local bar.

Or maybe you need some inspiration for corporate events. Beach or pool events are family friendly and close to free. But then you’re left with the problem of what to wear and what to give your employees as gifts.

Swim shirts solve both those problems, as well as the problems below.

Learn how you can integrate swim shirts into your promotional push for employees and prevent skin cancer at the same time.

They Protect From the Sun

If you provide health insurance for your employees, you want them to have no reason to use it. That’s to say, you’re not aiming to give them skin cancer.

Wearing swim shirts in the pool and around water reduces your exposure to harmful chemicals. Even the highest percentage of sunscreen wears off and barely anyone applies it without missing a spot.

Swim shirts solve that problem. They reduce the amount of skin that the sun touches and reduce the risk of skin cancer. You should still wear sunscreen under your swim shirt though, in case it pushes up or gets moved around while you’re in the water.

They Protect Your Skin

Let’s say you have an employee beach party and people decide to go play in the surf. That salt water isn’t great for your skin, especially if you’re getting thrown around in it if you fall off your surfboard.

This is when a swim shirt doubles as a rash guard. Rash guards are items you wear in the water to keep your skin from getting friction burns. They can also keep the surfboard or whatever you’re using from rubbing on your skin.

That added sun protection while you’re extra exposed on the reflective water doesn’t hurt either!

They’re Appropriate

Maybe you have some employees that wouldn’t come to an event that involved bathing suits. Either they’re self-conscious or they don’t think exposing that much of their body is appropriate around work colleagues.

Swim shirts give them a solution for both problems. Getting a size or a few sizes larger can minimize the visibility of anybody woes. Women with large breasts may not want to feel ogled by male coworkers – or show more than they’re comfortable with.

Though a swim shirt can’t hide their chest, it can cancel out the cleavage problem and reduce the probability of any embarrassing swimwear slippage.

Swim Shirts as Gifts

No employee is going to say no to a free company gift. If they don’t want it then they can give it to a friend. Or their child, you get the idea.

Swim shirts are quick drying and can be used outside of the water as workout shirts. Encourage your employees to get out and exercise with personalized company shirts.

It’s a swimmingly good idea, click here to get started.

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