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Top Reasons for Custom Swim Caps and Shirts

Swim caps have been used by competitive swimmers for a very long time. However even if you aren’t looking to shave milliseconds off of your butterfly time to beat Michael Phelps, there are still many advantages to wearing a swim cap.

For example, some people use swim caps to keep water from bleaching their hair. If you color your hair (or for some people who just have sensitive hair), being in a chlorinated pool for extended periods of time can damage the color. Using a swim cap can help protect your hair and keep it dry. Additionally, some swim caps cover the swimmer’s ears, helping retain body heat while in the pool. Regardless of your motivation for wearing a swim cap, they can come in quite handy.

Competitive Swim Teams

As a competitive swim team, having matching swag is important. Swim team water bottles, swim team backpacks, and custom swim team caps are important. If you are from Austin, you might be looking for Austin swim team shirts. The great thing about Austin swim team shirts is that it gives parents and spectators a way to show their colors while rooting for the team in the bleachers. Athletes also love Austin swim team shirts as it gives them a way to represent who they are and what they do. Regardless if you are an athlete, parent, or spectator, Austin swim team shirts are a great way to show your support.

Swimming is also a very large demographic. There are over 10 Million residential and 300,000 public swimming pools in the United States. Perhaps you aren’t part of the official Austin swim team but you still want Austin swim team shirts and swag that is custom for your own group of swim buddies, that is definitely a possibility.

Advantages of Custom Swim Caps

In addition to custom t-shirts, a custom swim cap could be a great benefit to your swimming routine. Perhaps you just want a personal flair, or maybe you are an open water swimmer and need to have some brought yellow or red colors to keep boats aware of where you are. Regardless of what type of swimmer you are, here are five main benefits of wearing a swim cap with your custom design:

Keep Out the Chemicals: We already touched on this one briefly, but pool chemicals a big factor in wearing a swim cap. Especially if you swim in a public pool, chemicals are necessary to keep the pool sanitary. Unfortunately, those same chemicals that keep the pool sanitary can be damaging to your hair. Wearing a swim cap, while not guaranteed to keep all water out, will reduce your hairs exposure to pool chemicals. Additionally, if you are an open water ocean swimmer, keeping the salt out can help protect your hair from drying out.

Increased Performance: Let’s face it — most of us aren’t going to be in the Olympics. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t want to set goals and push ourselves to hit new targets. Wearing a customized swim cap can help improve your swim speed. Because of how much drag hair creates in the water, keeping it all bundled up under a smooth cap will help you swim faster.

Keep Hair Dry: For long-haired people, drying your hair after swimming can take a long time and be a big pain. Regardless if you are just dipping in the pool to get cool, or getting a nice cardio workout in, a swim cap can help keep your hair dry while you are in the water. That way, when you are finished, it is easy to get ready for your next activity of the day.

Professional Look: For competitive swimmers, having the right attitude sets the stage for performance. Having a custom swim cap for the entire team helps add to the professional competitive look and can help athletes get in the zone before the meet begins. Additionally, everyone can quickly identify which swimmers are part of your team, even while they are in the water.

These are just some of the benefits of custom swim caps and gear. Make sure you get the most out of your swimming experience in Austin.

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