The Benefits of Having Yard Signs for Your Swim Team

Swimming may be the fourth most popular recreational activity in the United States, but what are your best options for promoting your swim team to potential new athletes?

Like custom wall stickers and posters are great for indoor use, for the outdoors, custom swim yard signs are often the way to go.

Yard signs are usually used for advertising or promoting upcoming events. They are widely used during election campaigns where they are typically placed in yards, on street corners, and in other grassy venues. They’re staples because they work:
when you want to gain new swimmers, yard signs are a highly effective marketing tool.

The appeal of custom swim yard signs isn’t hard to find. They’re highly portable, highly visible, and effective for conveying a message quickly. For swim teams, they provide participating athletes a chance to show off the team and community they’re a part of, all the while getting your team’s brand in front of new eyes every day.

The following are some of the top benefits of using custom swim yard signs to promote your swim team.


Since yard signs are made with relatively low-cost materials, they are quite affordable. This helps make them one of the most cost-effective marketing solutions out there. They give you the chance to broadcast your brand and its message to the community at a fraction of the cost involved in most forms of advertising. For example, billboards and television placements are incredibly costly, and while newspaper and radio ads are more affordable, you’re dangerously likely to go unnoticed there. On the other hand, if everyone drives by a specific yard, that’s free real estate for promoting your brand.


Just because they’re made from inexpensive materials doesn’t mean they are shoddy or cheap. The plastic used to manufacture yard signs is actually quite durable in order to withstand harsh weather conditions. This means you don’t have to bring your signs indoors when a storm starts, which itself is a convenient advantage over most banners. As long as you install them firmly and correctly the first time, they should stay in place for months on end.


One reason yard signs are so easy to install is that they’re made of lightweight plastic. Typically paired with a metal H-shaped stake, you can stick them in the ground almost anywhere, making them a highly flexible advertising choice. This makes them popular for businesses and organizations who need to get the word out about a project fast. And because self-installation is such a low-hassle process, you can trust your swim team members to get theirs into the ground around their own homes without worrying. Removing custom swim yard signs is also a convenience since they come out of the ground as easily as they go in.

Custom Sizes

Plastic yard signs are available in several different shapes and sizes. The typical size is 24″ by 18″, but you can make yours just about as big or as small as you like.


If utilized correctly, yard signs can truly help maximize your swim team’s advertising budget. With the right marketing tactics, using yard signs will enable your team’s message to be spread around your entire community with ease.

To help ensure your signs get noticed, keep the following tips in mind when you order yours:

  • – Make them double-sided. Most yard signs end up on streets with two-way traffic, so make sure yours gets seen coming and going.
  • – Use bright colors. This is eye-catching, and much more engaging than muted or earthy tones.
  • – Keep it simple. Don’t go overboard with your messaging. Get straight to the point to make sure your message will be understood by those passing by quickly.
  • – Leave plenty of white space. This is important for maximizing the readability and legibility of your sign.


Custom swim yard signs are inexpensive, easy, and effective for getting the word out about your swim team. What’s more, your team members will be proud to place their team’s logo and message in the yards outside their homes. Place an order for yours today!

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