Team Fashionista: Design Your Team’s Custom Swim Tees In 5 Easy Steps

Are you hoping that your swim team makes a splash in more ways than one?

With more than 300,000 high school swimmers in the US, how can you stand out from the crowd?

A certain type of swim tee? Custom swimwear? Is it a clever slogan on your swim team t-shirt? Unique swim team logos? Top-of-the-line swim team gear? Maybe it’s personalized swimming caps?

Is it your job to design your team’s custom swim tees? Here’s a guide on how to create the perfect swim team look, from logo to type of tee. We’ve got you covered.

5 Easy Steps to Creating Custom Swim Tees

Give your team a custom look and they’ll feel like the top dogs (or fish) at competitions.

1. Choose a Style of Tee

Examples include:

  • Jersey t-shirt
  • Baseball raglan
  • Dry fit
  • Polos
  • Tank tops

Consider the primary use of the tees when deciding on a style. For example, are they for swim meets, advertisement, or wearing to and from competitions?

2. Design a Logo or Slogan

Does your team already have a logo? Do you need to create one? Do you want to add a clever slogan?

Decide on your colors and design and other customization. Once it’s all uploaded to the website, the tees can be created.

Remember that you’ll want the crowd to be able to see and read what’s on your shirts from their seats.

Make sure your message stands out.

3. Choose a Font and Graphics

If you are not the artist type and need a little help with drawing up your image, logo or slogan, there are plenty of online resources.

Purchase images from companies like Shutterstock or get freebies from Pixabay.

Choose the right font to go with your image. You don’t want the font to distract from your overall design.

Don’t use more than two or three different fonts. Choose a font color that will pop. Readability should be your focus.

4. Consider the Different Printing Methods

This includes:

  • Screen printing
  • Embroidery
  • Direct to t-shirt
  • Heat transfer

Screen printing uses mesh to transfer ink onto the t-shirt. Each color is printed separately to give you a layered, multi-colored image.

Embroidery is done by machine with thread and gives t-shirts a truly custom look.

Direct to garment uses the latest printing technology to design custom swimwear.

Heat transfer uses high heat and transferable materials and presses them onto the t-shirt.

Which one of these methods will give you the look you want for your team?

5. Order and Enjoy!

Once you have all the design elements lined up, order the custom tees for your team. Enjoying showing off your team pride.

Fashionistas at the Pool

Who doesn’t want to be noticed? Get a custom, uniform and fashionable look for your team. The team will not only look ready, but they’ll feel ready to meet their competition. Visit us for all of your swim team needs from caps to custom swim tees.

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