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Sweat This Spring: 3 Ways to Get Your Team Prepared for Swim Season

Swimming season is officially upon us and it’s time to get your team in tip-top shape for upcoming meets. With more than 91 million people swimming recreationally each year, swimming has become the fourth most popular activity in the United States. Whether you’re amping them up or raising money for travel expenses, here are three ways to get your team ready to swim.

Work out their whole body


Even though it’s essential to get your team back in the pool, out-of-water training is just as important. After a winter spent gorging on festive sweets and treats, getting your team back in shape should be your number one priority.

Not many new players know that swimming is a full-body workout. That’s why working out different muscle groups is pivotal to athletic performance. Running, core training, and arm workouts are all essential components for performing well in the water. This will help increase your mobility and flexibility, two important factors in earning those desired swim team awards.

Promote team bonding


When your team gets along, they will perform even better. Even if your team already knows each other, encouraging team bonding exercises will help to establish a stronger bond and a sense of camaraderie among players, both new and old. After all, these are the people your team will rely on when they need support; preparing your team mentally is just as important as training them physically. You never know what kind of challenges the new season will bring.

Hold a fundraiser


Fundraising opportunities are a great way to nurture team bonding and raise money at the same time. Even if you’re getting funding from your school or organization, there’s no harm in engaging in a fun fundraising opportunity.

Invest in custom swim team shirts, custom swim banners, and swim team silicone bracelets to drum up excitement about the upcoming season among your community. These fun accessories can be sold to people of all ages, making them the perfect commemorative event for the season. The best part? You can order new swim team accessories to sell in the upcoming years. By offering these one-of-a-kind items, you’ll ensure you source the funds you need for travel and more.

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