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How To Design The Perfect Swim Team Accessories

Did you know that about 91 million people over the age of 16 swim in oceans, lakes, and rivers each year in the United States alone? This means that, in addition to indoor pools, more and more people are choosing to try open water swimming. If you’ve been considering starting an open water swim team, but aren’t sure where to start, check out these tips for creating custom swim team accessories to help make your team official.

Custom Swim Team Caps

The first thing you should do when you organize a team is order custom swim caps for all of your swimmers. Customized team swim caps can help your team feel more unified, and make your athletes easier to identify in the water. Most team caps will have your team’s colors, a team mascot, the swimmer’s last name, or any combination of these.

Personalized Swim Gear

In addition to swim caps, most teams will also have matching gear. This can include personalized car stickers, hoodies, jumpers, sweats, t-shirts, and silicone bracelets. Most spectators also enjoying supporting teams through purchasing your swim team’s shirts or hoodies, so consider selling team apparel to help fund your team’s travel expenses. Creating swim team backpacks can also be helpful for your athletes, as they will need a durable bag that can withstand chlorine and salt water.

Swim Team Awards

Many coaches will choose to create custom swim team awards for an end of the season banquet to honor the various achievements of their team. These can include an award for the most improved swimmer, the fastest swimmer, a plaque detailing a broken swim record, or even an award for the swimmer with the most team spirit. If your team ever hosts a meet, you may be required to create swim team awards for the champions of each race, and the winning team of the meet. Talk to a swim official before signing up to host a meet to know if this will be a requirement.

Final Thoughts

Creating custom swim team apparel is an easy way you can unify your team. It not only makes them look like a team, it makes them feel proud to wear a uniform with their name on it. You can also use this opportunity of creating apparel and other accessories, like water bottles or silicon bracelets, to fund your team’s expenses by selling to your supporters and fans. You can even use the design on your apparel when creating swim team awards and banners.

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