How to Choose the Best Swim Cap

If all you know about swim caps are the flowered ones your grandma wears to water aerobics, think again.

Swim caps serve all kinds of purposes for every swimmer. While they don’t keep your hair from getting wet, they do protect from the chlorine in the pool. They also protect the pool drains from getting clogged with your hair.

Swim caps also serve safety purposes. They keep your head warm in colder waters. They help improve visibility by keeping your hair out of your face. Plus wearing a swim cap makes it easier for people to see you swimming in the water.

Professional and athletic swimmers use the caps to reduce drag in the water. This helps them go faster, which is imperative in competitions.

There are different swim caps for every kind of swimmer. To find the best swim cap for you, take a look at our guide.

The Best Swim Cap Materials
There are three main kinds of swim cap materials. They each have their own advantages for different swimmers.

Silicone Caps
Silicone caps are the most popular among casual swim cap users. They’re made of a thick silicone material that is easy to put on and get off.

Because they’re thicker, silicone caps are good for swimming in cold water. The main problem with them is that they tend to slip. This could affect your swimming and cause mistakes during competition.

Latex Caps
Latex caps came about in the 1920s as a practical fashion accessory. They gained popularity because of the synchronized swimming films of the 1940s.

A latex cap is the best swim cap for swimming competitions. They don’t slip as much as silicone caps, but they’re also more difficult to put on. They’re also tighter than silicone caps, which gives swimmers an extra boost in speed.

Lyrca Caps
Lyrca caps are the best swim caps for relaxed water sports.

These caps are the same material as your swimsuit, so they slip often. They’re not waterproof, and they are expensive. But they’re the easiest to put on your head, which can be a big deal for older swimmers.

Caps made from lyrca work if you’re not doing intense exercise, but want to protect your hair.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Swim Cap
Not all swim caps are equal. Before you buy the coolest looking swim cap on the site, think about how you’ll use it.

How Often Do You Swim?
When you swim every day, you want a cap that’s durable and won’t dry out. In this case, silicone or lycra caps are your best bet.

How Much Hair Do You Have?
Most adult swim caps use sizes with short hair in mind. If you have a lot of hair or long hair, silicone caps will slip off.

Go for a rubber or latex cap instead. They’re harder to put on, but they won’t slip.

What’s the Water Temperature?
If you swim in a warm pool, silicone caps can make your life harder. The thick material will trap the heat on your head, which makes your workout even hotter.

But if you swim in cold waters, silicone caps are perfect. Neoprene swim caps are also good for keeping your head warm.

Want More Advice for Swimming?
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