How to Buy the Right Swim Tee

Swim tees and rash guards will protect your skin from damage better than any sunscreen could. Since they physically shield your skin from the sun, it will prevent sun damage.

But they can also serve other purposes as well: keep you warm on a cold surfing day, protect sensitive areas from debris in the water, and even to just complete a swim outfit.

You know the benefits of swim tees, but how do you go about picking one? Keep reading to learn the things you should consider when buying a swim tee.

Consider the Purpose

As we said earlier, swim tees have a variety of purposes that will affect which type you should get.


If your main motivator for wearing a swim tee is for thermal protection or to keep you warm in the water, there are particular swim shirts that are designed to do just that.

The fabric on these tees is usually a bit thicker than a “normal” swim tee which helps to insulate heat and warm you up in colder waters.

Sun Protection

If sun precautions are your primary concern, then keep that in mind as you choose a swim tee. If you’re extra sensitive all over, look for long sleeve tees with turtlenecks.

If you just want a bit of extra protection, a regular swim tee made of lighter material will protect you without making you overheat in the summer sun.

Type of Water

Swimming isn’t synonymous with the sea: pools, lakes, ponds, and water parks are all common choices as well. If you find yourself swimming in chlorinated water most often, you can find swim tees that are made to withstand chlorine.


Fit can depend on personal preference but also on the activities you’ll be doing when wearing the tee.

Are you going to be active with swimming, beach volleyball, surfing, or boogie boarding? You’ll want to opt for a skin-tight swim tee so it won’t ride up or bunch while you’re being active.

Are you just chilling on the beach reading a book and want protection from the sun? A looser, flowier swim tee would work fine for you and would be a bit more comfortable.


The logistics of the swim tee are important to keep in mind, but if you don’t like the shirt, then you’re not going to wear it.

The good news is that swim tees come in a variety of styles, colors, and patterns, so you’ll be sure to find one that suits your aesthetic.

How to Choose Between Swim Tees: Wrapping Up

It makes sense that an intense surfer and an older gentleman who enjoys reading on the beach are going to need two different swim tees to suit their needs. Now you know how tees differ and what you should look for when buying one.

If you want more advice on how to pick out your swim tee, you can feel free to contact us. You can also check out our selection of swimwear.

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