Here Are Some of the Countless Benefits of Holding Swim Team Awards

Do you know there are over 10 million residential and 300,900 public swimming pools spread out all over the country? Well, it should not be that surprising given that swimming is the fourth most popular recreational activity for Americans. Actually, for children between 7-17 years, swimming ranked as number one.

Appreciation of team members goes a long way in keeping the team motivated. One of the best ways to go about it is by organizing a swimming award ceremony. Here are some of the many benefits your team can experience when you hold a swim team awards ceremony for your club.

It Provides an Opportunity to Have Fun

Award events for your swim team bring about a feeling of relaxation after a hectic swimming season. This way, they not only elicit excitement and joy among team members but also among your guests. Subtle background music throughout the event is a great way to keep your guests engaged.

You may even take the fun notch higher by sharing with your guests the team’s experiences throughout the season. Compile a slide show of funny moments from the season and play them for your guests. This helps create memories among team members that can last a lifetime.

It Encourages Healthy Competition

Swim team awards will also encourage healthy competition among the team members. The various team members feel a sense of pride as they walk to the stage to receive their custom designed medals. The kids who miss out on the top personalized swimming gear for the MVP will undoubtedly work harder for it the following year.

Moreover, the in-house competition nurtures the bond among the team members. As the team members strive to outdo each other in the following season for the coveted prices, they learn from each other on the best practices to do so.

It Facilitates Bonding

Swimming award galas are social events. They bring the parents of the kids in the swim team together to appreciate the kids’ talents. The team members are also able to interact freely during dinner time, allowing them to grow even tighter bonds.

The team could wear custom swim team shirts and/or custom swim caps and later on share group photos to immortalize the event. This cohesion is vital as the team chases after the local, state, and national championships in the following season.

It Encourages Developing Skills

Swim team awards provide for an excellent opportunity to appreciate skills and nurture talents. Awarding outstanding team members during the event with personalized medals helps acknowledge their effort and boost their confidence. The awards keep the whole team motivated and ready for the next season.

Additionally, you may invite mentors to the awards gala as keynote speakers. The keynote speaker will advise the team on proper sportsmanship and tips to succeed as a swimmer. Mentorship also helps in motivating the team members to work harder and be more resilient in the coming season.


Though planning swim team awards may seem complicated, it is essential for the development of your team. When you’re ready to host your own event, rely on RocketFish Tees to supply your medals and more.

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