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5 Tips for Creating a Great Custom Swim Team Banner

Did you know that swimming is the most popular recreational activity for children and teens? Swimming is a great form of exercise that builds cardiovascular health and builds muscle all over your body, so it’s no surprise that swim team attendance is skyrocketing.

If you have been wondering about how you can make your swim team stand out at swim meets, consider making your team custom swim banners. Custom banners are an easy way to boost team morale in the natatorium, and they can help your team’s supporters feel more connected to the swimmers while they’re cheering them on during races. If you’re ready to upgrade your team spirit, check out these five tips for designing quality custom swim banners.

Put Your Team’s Logo at the Top

The first place your viewers’ eyes will go when looking at your banner is the top. By having your team logo name there, you will ensure competitors know who is in the house at every meet.

Use Your Vibrant Color As an Accent

Poorly contrasting colors, like orange with red, can make your banner hard to read from a distance. Instead, opt for using colors that go well together like purple and yellow. You can also use your team’s colors to help the audience identify what team you’re with. When choosing a background color, use the darker shade in your color scheme. If you were using purple and yellow for example, having purple as the background color and using yellow for the letters would be best. You could even have the yellow letters outlined in white to make your banner pop.

Utilize Aesthetic Design

Your banner’s aesthetic value refers to how pleasing your banner is to look at. Some things to keep in mind when choosing the aesthetic you want your banner to have are:

White Space
The white space in your banner refers to the blank spots in your design. For banners, you’ll want to leave at least 20% of your banner blank so it doesn’t look too busy. Every banner is different, however, so you’ll want to play around with the amount of white space you’ll leave to see what works for your specific design.

Font Sizes
Because your banner will be viewed from a distance, remember to choose an appropriate font size. If you use more than one font size, make sure the sizes aren’t too far apart, as drastically different font sizes can be difficult to read.

Use High Quality Images
Putting your team’s logo on your banner is a great way to catch the attention of your athletes and fans. If you use your logo, or any other image, make sure it is at least 1536 x 2048 megapixels to ensure it doesn’t blur during printing.

Add Social Media Handles

Adding social media handles or other contact information can help your fans stay connected and support your team even if they can’t come to a meet. If your team does have social media platforms, you can simply put the social platform’s icon and your team’s username to keep your design flowing and simple.

Create Matching Personalized Swim Gear

The great thing about creating custom swim banners is that you can create all kinds of matching gear, such as swim team backpacks, swim team shirts and water bottles, personalized car stickers, and even custom swim team awards for an end of season banquet. You can use the same design for all of your gear or create a new look for every team product you want to create.

Final Thoughts

Designing custom swim banners is a unique way you can help your team stand out during swim meets. As long as you keep our aesthetic design tips in mind, like utilizing white space and choosing high-quality images, you’ll be on your way to designing in no time. Once you have your banner designed, ask about transferring your layout into other personalized gear like swim team backpacks and t-shirts. Regardless of what you want to create for your team, we offer high-quality printing for you to develop the swim swag of your dreams.f

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