5 Reasons Why You’re Team Should Have Custom Swim Caps

Swimming is a popular sport in the United States. In fact, statistics show that it is the fourth largest recreational activity in the country. As a result, new people are enrolling for this leisure activity every day.

As you will note, swimming can be challenging, especially among those with long hair. The hair will drag in the water, get in your face, and potentially ruin your time in the pool. Before you venture into this activity, invest in a custom swim cap that’s reliable and affordable to make your training more comfortable.

Swim caps come in different sizes, shapes, styles, and materials. If you are keen, you’ll notice that every swim team has a preferred type of swimming cap. But having your swimming cap doesn’t mean it’s unique; remember, differentiating swim caps on the basis of color doesn’t show the team’s personality. That’s why you need custom swim team caps and other sportswear, like custom swim team silicone bracelets.

Here’s why you should invest in swim team caps today.

You Can Choose From a Variety of Materials

With swim caps, you’ll have various options to choose from. The caps are available in three materials: lycra, silicone, and latex. Just like swim team silicone bracelets are sturdy and thick, investing in a silicone swim cap will ensure you get the most longevity from your material. Regardless, it is important to select a swim cap that fits securely and comfortably on your head.

Swim Caps Protect Your Hair from Pool Chemicals

A study conducted by Marianne Suwalski M.D. at the University of Waterloo found that exposing human hair to chlorine and other pool chemicals causes split ends. While no swim cap will keep your hair completely dry, it will minimize the amount of water that comes into contact with your hair. With this, the damaging effects of pool chemicals to your hair will decline.

Swim Caps Reduce Water Resistance

Are you planning to register for a swimming competition? Or maybe just getting together with friends for a weekend swim with friends? It is very important for you to know that long hair can slow you down in the water. This is because it creates a drag in the water that pulls you back. However, custom caps will cover and press your hair down, effectively reducing the amount of resistance on your body. This will help you achieve a faster, more comfortable swim. However, for this to happen, you need to get a fitting swim cap.

The reduced resistance works best for those in a swimming competition. It also allows the participants to retain their long hair without ever worrying about having to cut it to achieve greater speeds.

Swim Caps Help with Identification

Bright swim team silicone bracelets or swim team shirts helps identify swimmers in the water. In a swimming competition, or where there are many swimmers, it’ll be difficult to determine who is who. With swim caps, however, teammates and fans have no problem tracking their favorite swimmers in the water.

In some cases, your name or any other identifying mark can be imprinted in your swim team silicone bracelets or swim cap. The race coordinators may require you to wear specific caps and other sportswear to help with identification.

Swim Caps Can Help Maintain Cleanliness in the Pool

Keeping hair securely under the swim cap prevents you from shedding hair in the pool. This helps keep the entire pool clean. This is because shedded hair will often end up in the filters. The result will be dirty or clogged filters that can’t perform well over time. You might notice a dirtier pool if this issue isn’t resolved. The pool attendant may require all competitors to wear swim caps to prevent dirt buildup in the filter system.

The caps also minimize hairstyling products that may end up in the pool if you don’t wash your hair before going for a swim.


In the past, people were only using swim caps to protect the wearer’s hair. As you can see, they now offer more functional benefits to the swimmers and organizers. When you’re looking for swim team silicone bracelets, caps, and more, rely on Rocketfish Tees for the best products around.

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