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5 Products to Customize When Hosting a Swim Event

Every sports team benefits from a home advantage and swim teams are no different. Whether your swim team is a club team, school team, or masters team, hosting a swim event can give your team home pool advantage and show off your facility to other swimmers.

There is no shortage of swim facilities capable of hosting a swim event. The U.S. has over 10 million residential and 300,000 public swimming pools to choose from. However, organizing a swim event is more complex than just reserving the facility. You need to line up volunteers and officials, set up the facility, and send out invitations. Most importantly, you need to make sure you have all the custom swim products you need to run your event. Here are five examples of custom products for hosting a swim event at your facility:

Swim Event Credentials

Swim event credentials are both functional and commemorative. Whether your swim event is competitive or recreational, the swim event credentials that you issue to athletes may become keepsakes that they retain in their scrapbooks forever. Customizing your swim event credentials with the name and date of the event, as well as your facility’s logo will make your swimming credentials into souvenirs.

However, swim event credentials are more than just keepsakes. Many governing bodies, such as USA Swimming and your state high school athletics association, use credentials to provide safety and security for sanctioned events. Under these regulations, you may need to keep records of everyone issued credentials and have different credentials for athletes, coaches, trainers, volunteers, and media. This will allow your security team to control access to the swim deck, locker rooms, and training facilities to keep athletes safe.

Promotional Materials

To promote your event to the local community you will need marketing materials. These marketing materials will depend on the size of the event but may include custom swim yard signs and custom wall stickers and posters that can be posted around the facility.

For events requiring admission, marketing can contribute to offsetting the costs of the event by raising money through ticket sales. For events that are open free of charge, marketing can ensure that there will be spectators and supporters in the stands to cheer on athletes.

Promotional materials can also be used for long-term marketing. If your event occurs regularly, you may sell or give away event programs, stickers, water bottles, bracelets, or other materials to remind attendees that your event occurs annually.


At the conclusion of your event, you will want to issue awards to winning teams and competitors. Whether these take the form of custom printed certificates, custom-built trophies, custom designed medals, or custom-engraved plaques, swim team awards could become one of the most treasured items in the team’s or athlete’s trophy case.

Customizing the award with the date, location, and name of the event will make the award unique as well as commemorate the athletic performance that earned the award.

Event Merchandise

If the governing body for your event allows it, you can use customized event merchandise to raise money, or even turn a profit, for your swim event. Swim events can be costly if your organization must pay to rent the facility, hire officials and security, and market the event.

Selling event merchandise, such as custom swim caps, custom swim tee shirts, or even water bottles and silicone bracelets, can help to cover the costs of the event. Any money that you raise during the event will help you to ensure that you do not need to dip into your organization’s limited budget to stage the event. Depending on your governing body, you may even use event merchandise sales to add to your budget so you can pay for future swim events.


To stage the event, you will likely need decorations, such as swim team banners for each competing team, to both decorate the facility and designate areas for the teams. Stickers, posters, and banners on the outside of the facility can also identify the location of the event and guide participants and spectators to the entrances. Inside the facility, signs, posters, and stickers can assist volunteers in making sure that everyone entering the event is directed to where they need to be.

Organizing a swim event can be time-consuming, but customized products can make the planning easier. Rely on RocketFish Tees when you’re ready to make your next event one to remember.

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